J Alex Morrissey's Ridiculously Ambitious Fundraising Page VOL. 3
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J Alex Morrissey's Ridiculously Ambitious Fundraising Page VOL. 3
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What I Write 

I write speculative fiction, like science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and superheroes.

My Write-a-thon project,  is the second book in the Unity Song Trilogy, Ghost Squadron. The series is a high-action, epic science fiction/fantasy, combining the entrenched machinations of Dune with the grim realities of Joe Abercrombie’s The First Law series, and a splash of Sicario. The story originated during my years as a writer and artist for Marvel and DC, while a large amount of the setting came from living in Manhattan through the 9/11 attacks and its aftermath.

Read a Writing Sample Here


Writing Goals 

  • Average 1,500 words a day by the end of week 2. (July, 8th) ACHIEVED

  • The next goal, average 2,000 words a day by the end of week 3. (July, 15th)

  • This should end up around 60K words by the end of week 6. (August, 5th)


Fundraising Goals 

My goal is to raise over $2,000 during the Write-a-thon for Clarion West.

I am creatively ambitious, because of the support I’ve received since childhood, through family, teachers, and friends. But not everyone has that same support system. That’s where organizations like Clarion West come in for many underserved voices. They foster the writers who create the books, movies, games, and television we all enjoy. Joining the Write-a-thon and encouraging every person who reads this to donate to the organization in my name as I write the next tale in my greatest creative project.

    If you need more encouragement, please see the list of donation incentives. Let's join forces and break all Write-a-thon donation records to date, and maybe they'll name a chair or a card table after us.



  • Writer/artist for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Image Comics and the upcoming Trail of the Orb with Gary Düfner.

  • Author of Tradecraft, my ongoing Substack, focused on my journey as a writer.

  • Host of Tradecraft Podcast, a weekly podcast, where I have inclusive conversations about the creative journey and process with the people responsible for the books and comics we love.


Group Donation Stretch Goals

  • $0-$100: My endless thanks for supporting me.

  • $250+: I’ll post the first 21 reader chapters of my first novel, Blackfire, on the writing section of my website. That’s one every-other day.

  • $500+: Above, plus I’ll post five original character sketches on the writing section of my website. 

  • $1000+: Above, plus I’ll post an original full-color character illustration on my website—following Write-a-thon.

  • $5000+: Everything above, plus I’ll post an original full-color annotated galaxy map for the series on my website—following Write-a-thon.


Individual Donation Benefits

  • $50+: I’ll email you a PDF of all 21 reader chapters—following Write-a-thon.

  • $100+: Above, plus I’ll email you a hi-res digital character sketch—following Write-a-thon.

  • $500+: Above, plus I will email you a hi-res original digital character sketch of your choice—following Write-a-thon.

  • $1000+: Above, plus I will email you a reader copy of the Blackfire manuscript with a full-color illustration on the cover—following Write-a-thon.

  • $5000+: Everything above, plus the galaxy map included in the manuscript, and I’ll add your name to the Thank You section of the book when it’s published.

NOTE: If you donate, contact me through twitter or my website to make sure you receive your Individual Donation Benefits.


6/25 718 Social posts, re-sized fundraising page, built out WAT 23 page on Website.
6/26 1,285 Recorded and edited podcast, Social media promotions
6/27 1,440 Wrote rebranding materials, social media promotions
6/28 1,541 Sent podcast rebranding emails to past guests, Sent 10 guest invite emails
6/29 1,518 Sent 10 podcast guest invite emails, meeting w/ Clarion West to set-up my Discord writing sessions, rewatched Across the Spiderverse (it counts)
6/30 1,576 Sent 10 podcast guest invite emails, attended Apple hosted podcast seminar, recorded podcast episode
7/1 969 Wrote personal fundraising emails, wrote and published weekly newsletter
7/2 1,526 Social media posts
7/3 1,670 Started Bluesky account; Edited and published new podcast epidide; Social media posts, Set-up weekly Discord writing session
7/4 1,687

Social media posts

7/5 1,590 Social media posts, reconnected with a close friend from 37 years ago
7/6 1,755 Hosted hour-long writting session on Discord; Social media posts
7/7 2,084 Joined in on Evan JP’s writting session on Discord; Social media posts
7/8 2.153  Week 2 total 12,465 / To-date total 21,389 / Attended monthly writer’s group with another WAT writer!; Social media posts
7/9   DAY OFF
7/10 2.237 Recorded podcast; Edited & posted podcast; Social media posts
7/11 2,539 Handed off BIG cleint writing project; Social media posts
7/12 1,891 Social media posts
7/13 2,102 Hosted WAT writing session, Recorded podcast, Social media posts
7/14 2,395 Week 3 total: 12,195; To date: 33,548; Social media posts
7/15 Day Off Wrote and Posted Newsletter; Social media posts
7/16 Day Off Social media posts
7/17 2,219 Edited, assembled, wrote & uploaded podcast; Social media posts
7/18 1,722 Social media posts
7/19 2,389 Social media posts
7/20 2,492

Hosted Write-a-thon Writing Session; Social media posts

7/21 2,361 12,464 this week; 46,012 to date: Social media posts
7/22 Day Off Wrote and Posted Newsletter; Social media posts
7/23 Day Off  
7/24 2,368 Editded and published podcast episode ; Social media posts
7/25 2,666  Posted Comic Book Q&A event; Social media posts
7/27 2,616 Recorded New Podcast; Social media posts
7/27 2,538 Hosted two-hour WAT Writing Session; Social media posts
7/28 2,708 Social media posts
7/29 Day Off 14,098 this week; 58,829 to date
Wrote and Posted Newsletter; Social media posts
7/30 Day Off  
7/31 2,376 Recorded podcast episode; Edited and published podcast episode; Social media posts
8/1 2,120 Hosted Writing Comic Book Q&A; Social media posts
8/2 2,024 Social media posts
8/3 2,003 Hosted last two-hour Writing Session; Social media posts
8/4 2,099 Social media posts


ABOUT 2023 Write-a-thon

Clarion West 2023 Write-a-thon

2019 Reading with Amal El-Mohtar

Amal El-Mohtar during the 2019 Summer Reading Series

The Write-a-thon supports Clarion West programs year-round. All donations support Clarion West classes, workshops, panels, and other programs for emerging writers, including our Six-Week Workshop. We also hold events, offer scholarships, raise awareness, and promote diverse speculative fiction in Seattle and all over the world. 

Clarion West

Our mission is to support emerging and underrepresented voices by providing writers with world-class instruction to empower their creation of wild and amazing worlds. Through conversation and public engagement, we bring those voices to an ever-expanding community.

Write-a-thon Home

Name Date Amount Comments
Anthony Asaro 08/06/2023 $156.55 Keep going.
Gary Dufner 08/01/2023 $52.39  
AJ Loiacono 08/01/2023 $312.78 Waylay!
Kristine Madera 07/31/2023 $20.93 Thanks for a terrific Write-a-thon and love the work that Clarion West does!
Diana Brewster 07/30/2023 $50.00 Keep writing that killer stuff. By the way, I just looked at your website (hadn't looked in many months) and I think your Blackfire blurbs are killer. ("Killer" is the word of the day.) I'd suggest a few tiny edits, but why quibble? But nay, I quibble not! Writers sharpen their drawings with words until they cut to the heart. We demand that every phrase delivers the story. Replace flab with muscle. Throw those slacker-words overboard. And did I spend time rewriting and honing this tiny missive? You betcha. That's exercising a muscle, babes. Or it's insanity. Take your pick.
Alex Morrissey 07/21/2023 $51.85  
Judy Benson 07/02/2023 $250.00  
Emily Price 07/01/2023 $154.93 Looks like a great organization Alex. Happy to help, they are lucky to have you involved.
Diana Brewster 06/25/2023 $50.00 Write on!
  Total $1,099.43