The Write-a-thon supports programs for emerging and underrepresented writers year-round! There is no cost or obligation to join, but we will help you set a fundraising goal, and provide tips, advice, and templates to help you encourage your friends and family to donate to your effort to support Clarion West.


During the Write-a-thon, you will set your own goal toward what you'd like to accomplish in six weeks. You will also have a chance to meet other writers in Discord, jump into some writing sessions or sprints, find critique partners, and take classes. Get started today and join a growing international community of writers!

Write-a-thon FAQ

Learn more about participants, their fundraising goals, and their stories on the participant page. You can look for someone you know or search through participants at random! 

Find/Sponsor a Participant

By donating to the Write-a-thon, you help Clarion West meet its fundraising goals, including summer housing, amazing instructors, and year-round programs for writers. 


Every summer, Clarion West hosts the Summer of Science Fiction & Fantasy Reading series alongside the Six-Week Workshop. Join us for the reading series and other public events online and in-person this summer! 

Public Events

Clarion West is a nonprofit literary organization that runs an acclaimed six-week residential workshop every summer, online classes and workshops, one-day and weekend workshops, a reading series every summer, and other events throughout the year.

At Clarion West, you’ll be among award-winning and best-selling writers in science fiction, fantasy, games, horror, and more. Our workshops and classes are taught by world-class instructors from across the field of speculative fiction. Wherever you may be in your career, whether novice or sage, we offer a diverse listing of classes that is packed with valuable information to take your writing to the next level.

What is speculative fiction? There are as many definitions for speculative fiction as there are authors working under its broad umbrella. Learn more about how our community defines speculative fiction.

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