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This year I'll be revising THE SILVER BONES, my novel about a young woman who accidentally digs up faery bones at an archeological site. I will send out progress reports along with the first draft of a new poem eachweek to all sponsors. I hope to meet or exceed my previous fundraising goal of $750.

Links to my recently published poems can be found here, and below is a snippet from THE SILVER BONES.

In the calmer waters a tiny and postcard-perfect island glows even in the gloom. Rocks and driftwood front weathered evergreens, and tucked behind them, backed by more trees, lurks a large, white-grey rock that would be a perfect lounging and lookout spot. I want to dive off the boat and swim over, explore. There's something reaching out to me there, mysteries there, I know it. What a place for archeology! Now, simply seeing this small islet I understand my mother's passion for digging, for learning what's hidden beneath the surface of a place. I don't want to ruin its perfection, but I just know there's something there for me to find. Yearning slams into my chest like a punch to the heart.

A landscape, an island, and I want to be there so badly it hurts? In a geography that's not my own? Am I my mother's daughter after all? It's a strange, complicated sensation for a place I've never seen before.

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2024 Write-a-thon

Tobias Buckell and Nisi Shawl on stage at Town Hall Seattle

Tobias Buckell and Nisi Shawl on stage at Town Hall Seattle during the 2022 Summer Reading Series.

Participants are listed in alphabetical order by first name. You may want to confirm with your writer to find out if they are using their public name, a nickname, or a pseudonym.

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Name Date Amount Comments
Jesse Buerk 07/19/2024 $25.00 Hope you're having a great Write-a-thon!
Vicki Saunders 07/17/2024 $51.72  
Gunnar Norskog 07/16/2024 $100.00  
Tina Connolly 07/15/2024 $10.36  
Carrie Devall 07/08/2024 $50.00 Good luck writing through the heat wave. Love the updates.
Carlie St. George 07/04/2024 $25.88  
Patricia Devine 06/24/2024 $51.96 Thank you for the stories!
Klaus Kluge 06/24/2024 $51.96 Here we go again!
Krista Dietrich 06/19/2024 $20.99 Great to see you in the Write-a-thon, Neile! Keep at it!
Tom Whitmore 06/19/2024 $25.00  
Pamela Rentz 06/19/2024 $100.00 Always look forward to reading Neile's latest!
Micaiah Huw Evans 06/18/2024 $50.00 Your dedication is almost as inspiring as your talent. I look forward to reading whatever you share!
Andrea Pawley 06/17/2024 $35.00 Good luck, Neile! -- Andrea
Edith Olguin 06/17/2024 $26.13  
Anonymous Friend 06/17/2024 $103.60  
Neile Graham 06/17/2024 $103.60 Happy write-a-thon, Neile!
Stephanie Samphire 06/17/2024 $15.00 Cheering you on, Neile!
Adrian Khactu 06/17/2024 $26.13  
Michael Peskura 06/16/2024 $51.96  
  Total $924.29  
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